Certified Distressed Property Expert

Our Mission

As a realtor, the changes I have seen in the past 2 years in real estate have been unbelievable. Since I feel that I need to keep up with the times and do the best job possible for my clients, I have been taking many realtor continuing education classes. My latest was a certification class on how to handle short sales with the banks and get the buyers to the closing table in minimal time. This is not an easy task, but along with my partner, Charda Bishop, we have managed to get through several and are working on more. Short sales and foreclosures seem to be the new market, so if you are looking for a realtor with experience in short sales and foreclosures give me a call and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. If I do not know the answer I will do my best to find out the answer for you.

I actually have an advantage over the long time realtors because I never worked the easy market from 2004 thru 2007. My buyers enjoy the fact that I am willing to show them as many homes as it takes until they find the home of their dreams. Honesty and integrity drive my business. I want to do a great job so my clients will refer their friends and family to me.

Our marketing plan to get a clients home sold is very strong. We maximize the internet to keep the clients home in front of the buyers. Also, our 24/7 Information Voice Pad signs helps us capture the potential buyers phone number so we may call them back to possibly get a showing for our sellers.

Avoid Foreclosure

Is your property worth less then you owe on it but you need to sell?

Do you need to move because of a job loss or transfer?

Did a love one pass away, leaving you a lot of debt?

Have you recently missed a house payment or two because of any of these reasons?

Please give us a call, so we can explain the Short Sale process to you so you can avoid foreclosure. We are Certified Distressed Property Experts and our goal is to get your home sold before it goes to foreclosure and destroys your credit.

Short Sale versus Foreclosure

Did you know that a foreclosure lowers your credit score by 300+ points and stays with you throughout your life? Although you may qualify for a home mortgage after 3 years of good credit, you may still have to pay the highest interest rate available. A short sale will lower your credit score by approximately 50+ points, but as long as your realtor handled your short sale transaction properly it will never show up on your credit report. Foreclosure hurts any government clearence you have and you will always have to answer "YES" to the question "Have you ever had a foreclosure?"

Short sales are the better choice. It takes a realtor with the proper training to get a short sale to the closing table. As a Certified Distressed Property Experts (CDPE), we have had the right training and know the steps and necessary information needed by the mortgage company. We are committed to helping you through your tough situation in this real estate market.

Contact Charda or I so we may explain the short sale process and our marketing plan to get your home sold as quick as possible.